Events like this would become very expensive if it wasn't for sponsors helping to subsidise the costs. We have been lucky to receive great sponsorship from the following companies:


RWO Marine is well known for manufacturing durable deck hardware products. We have a comprehensive range of products including blocks, cleats, carbon tiller extensions, MRS2, rudders, quick release harnesses, ball traveller systems, hatch covers and drain bungs. Not to mention, a range of clam cleats, various shackles, clips, hooks and burgees – and so much more. All RWO Marine products are manufactured on site in our engineering facility – where we guarantee the consistency of our brand in all our products. You can find an extensive list of our products on our website.

For further information, please email info@rwo-marine.com or visit our website at www.rwo-marine.com


With Studios across the south east, we also supply nationwide. We provide inspirational Wood, Stone and unique Porcelain product. All our ranges reflect the quality and standards expected from our exacting clients. But we don’t just supply and install floors; we provide aspirational products creating unique homes that simply say ‘WOW’. Just imagine going down to your yacht Broker expecting to buy a Sonata and leaving with a 50’ Oyster. Well we make those dreams happen.

Plot your CTS and see us at www.woodandstonefloors.co.uk.

Created by Master Pâtissier Martin Dockett, our hand crafted desserts are made not only with the finest ingredients but also with rhokett’s passion for quality. ‘Exceptional Desserts’ undoubtedly defines rhokett!

Rhokett’s capabilities include our popular branded cheesecakes as well as tarts, potted desserts, ice-creams and many more.

The in-house Chef Pâtissiers maintain the exceptional product quality in every dessert produced by our dedicated teams across all 3 high care production facilities.